Case Studies

    Clinical Solutions
    Clinical Advisory – Bahamas/KPMG
    • UHN partnered with KPMG to advise the Bahamian Government on their planned expansion of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Program.
    • A core component of the new program is to expand health benefits from the current Primary Care services into specific high cost care components including Oncology, Nephrology and Cardiology services

    Specialized clinical expertise was required to define the clinical care pathways for the NHI, as well as help engage with the local physician groups, and advise on bundled payment and case costing methodologies to price each pathway, to ensure affordability and sustainability for the health system in the Bahamas.

    • Development of clinical guidelines in consultation with local physician groups.
    • UHN sub-specialists travelled to the Bahamas to deliver a variety of disease site-specific workshops and refine clinical pathways, customized to the local environment.
    • Provided KPMG and the Bahamian Ministry of Health with updated clinical pathways and guidelines.
    • Client enabled to plan for long term efficiency and sustainability within oncology care settings.
    Clinical Advisory – Kuwait
    • The Kuwait Ministry of Health sought a world-leading partner to help provide people living in Kuwait access to the highest level of internationally recognized cancer services.
    • UHN and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre was determined to be the ideal partner due our breadth of expertise as a Top 5 cancer centre in the world, as well as our capacity building model.

    Upgrading and streamlining systems, infrastructure, and clinical practice.

    • On-site project and clinical teams.
    • Regular site visits from clinical staff and other SMEs.
    • Training at UHN for client leadership and front line staff.
    • Remote collaboration – clinical consultation, program design, etc.
    • UHN Philosophy:
      • Hands on implementation support.
      • Use of senior, authentic UHN staff and physicians.
      • Culturally sensitive tools and processes to adhere to local requirements and customs.
      • Flexible, collaborative delivery model.
    • Through the Partnership, Several ‘First Time’ in Kuwait Initiatives were Achieved for a Public Hospital
      • Achieving internationally recognized hospital accreditation.
      • Establishing a hospital information system.
      • Establishment of a Rapid Diagnostic Clinic (RDC).
      • Application of telepathology.
    • Training of dozens of Kuwaiti medical professionals to support patient care in Kuwait in the long term.
    Education Solutions
    Oncology Nursing Education – Qatar

    As the largest oncology care provider in Qatar, the National Center for Cancer Control and Research (NCCCR), a centre under the purview of Hamad Medical Corporation, had a need to provide its nursing staff with an enhanced oncology specific knowledge and competencies to better serve its growing patient population

    • Need for specialized oncology training.
    • Deliver education via a ‘train the trainer’ model for long term sustainability.
    • UHN’s nursing leadership team conducted a needs assessment and gather the educational requirements.
    • Two comprehensive training courses were customized for HMC’s needs and the local environment, taking into account cultural and societal norms.
    • Provision of customized Specialized Oncology Nursing Education (SONE) program, designed to enhance skillset and knowledge of NCCCR staff. The program consisted of two complementary courses: Foundational and Advanced.
    • Training was supplemented through a variety of educational workshops, conferences, and mentorship activities in priority areas identified by the NCCCR.
    • UHN mentored local HMC educators to deliver the program in the future.
    • 200+ staff trained in SONE.
    • 100% participants reported training would impact clinical practice.
    • 16 Personalized Learning Programs delivered to NCCCR staff in Toronto.
    • 22,000+ hours of education delivered.
    • 56 staff trained on patient education & communication best practice.
    • Developed 18 oncology education staff facilitators to carry on the program.
    UHN Solutions - Custom Regulatory Training - Abu Dhabi
    Customized Learning: Cardiology

    An Internal Medicine Resident from Zayed Military Hospital (Abu Dhabi) wanted to enhance their training in Cardiology, as well as learn about the innovative work of UHN’s renowned Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.

    The Resident required access to specialized facilities, technologies, and programs not available to them at their home organization.

    • A Personalized Learning Program (PLP) was developed in consultation with the Resident, ensuring their unique educational were addressed.
    • Over the course of 4 weeks, they were exposed to specialty cardiology clinics and labs, toured facilities, and participated in educational rounds with UHN’s multidisciplinary teams.
    • Technical learning was supplemented through 1:1 discussions and mentorship with leading experts at UHN’s Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.
    • Supplementary learning in the areas of diagnostics and patient management was provided
    • The learner received an intensive, highly customized educational program which enhanced their existing skillset and knowledge.
    • Resident was equipped with the knowledge and confidence to advance the cardiology Fellowship program at their own institution
    Research Solutions
    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Pre-Clinical Veterinary Models
    Specialized Veterinary Services

    A large Canadian hospital-based research institute required specialized veterinary advice on animal models to with comply National Institutes of Health NIH) regulations.

    To harmonize and update policies relating to research, particularly in the areas of research using animal models.

    After conducting a thorough assessment of their current state, an action plan was developed to bring the policy framework to required standards, while meeting certain logistical demands and taking into account an outline of researchers’ needs when working using animal models.

    Client was able to present policy framework that met the highest standards of ethical care.

    Operational & Governance Infrastructure

    The board of directors of a Canadian community hospital tasked its senior management with exploring options to establish a clinical research infrastructure with the aim to strengthen the role of the hospital within their community.

    There were research-related activities already happening at the community hospital. Some of these activities had been conducted following an opportunistic model, mostly due to lack of a proper research infrastructure.

    Our associates conducted a thorough assessment of the current state, identified imperatives, and proposed specific recommendations to the executive team. These recommendations ensured alignment between research activities and institutional approvals.

    A research infrastructure was implemented, including policies and processes with the purpose of harmonizing efforts in clinical research administration, including operational risk management to meet the demands of the clinical research regulatory environment.