Research Solutions

    UHN’s research enterprise is surrounded by a robust & efficient support infrastructure that has enabled the organization to achieve unparalleled research outcomes. This infrastructure has been crucial in positioning UHN as one of the largest research institutions in Canada.

    Our Research Solutions domain represents a gateway to access knowledge and best practices to clients in academic, clinical and industry settings. Through a comprehensive suite of advisory and managed services, this domain is available to our clients to advance the goals of their research portfolios.

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    Research Leadership

    Aaron Schimmer, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Research Director, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

    Dr. A. Schimmer has been an active clinician and a researcher at PM since 2003, where he has established a vibrant translational research program in developing innovative therapeutic strategies to target leukemia and leukemia stem cells.

    He is a highly productive and recognized authority in the cancer research field, with over 217 peer-reviewed papers published over the course of his career, with many in high impact journals like Cancer Cell and Blood. His work in novel therapeutics has resulted in over 15 patents and patent applications and, to date, he has advanced three candidate therapeutic drugs from his lab into Phase I clinical trials.

    He is also the recipient of numerous prestigious research awards, including the Till and McCulloch Award and the Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize.

    Mansoor Husain, MD, BSc, FRCPC

    Senior Director, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute

    Dr. M. Husain was the Gold Medalist in Medicine with Distinction at the University of Alberta (1986). After Residencies in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Husain undertook Postdoctoral Studies in the Department of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993-7),
    and in the Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Dr. Husain returned to UHN & the University of Toronto in 1997, where he is Director of the Toronto General Research Institute, Executive Director of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, and Professor of Medicine, Physiology & Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, respectively.

    Dr. Husain’s research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, and has been recognized by research awards from the Clinical Research Society of Toronto, University of Toronto, University of Manitoba, and the Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award. Dr. Husain has held the prestigious Clinician Scientist Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Career Investigator Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

    Donald Weaver, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Director, Krembil Research Institute

    Dr. D. Weaver is an internationally recognized researcher in drug design for neurological disorders. He is unique, being a practicing neurologist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry. He has published in all aspects of brain-related drug discovery in journals such as Nature (Medicine), The New England Journal of Medicine, and Neurology. He has designed two drugs that have reached Phase III human trials and has four others in pre-clinical development; one of these drugs (tramiprosate) was one of the first “disease-modifying” drugs to reach Phase III trials for Alzheimer’s dementia.

    Dr. Weaver has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and a popular medicinal chemistry textbook; he holds 27 issued patents with 62 patents pending. He has founded eight start-up biotech companies, one of which had an IPO, listed on NASDAQ/TSX.

    He has won numerous national and international research awards. Dr. Weaver has been the Krembil Research Institute Director since 2013.

    Milos R. Popovic, Dipl. El. Eng., PhD, FCAE, FAIMBE, P.Eng.

    Director, KITE Research Institute

    Dr. M. Popovic is the Director of KITE Research Institute at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network. He is also a Professor (Tenured) in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Dr. Popovic is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.

    He is the co-founder and director of (i) MyndTec; (ii) the Center for Advancing Neurological Innovation to Application (CRANIATM) at the University Health Network and the University of Toronto; (iii) the CRANIATM Neuromodulation Institute at the University of Toronto; and (iv) the Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Association. Dr. Popovic is also the founder of the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network.

    Dr. Popovic held the Toronto Rehab Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research appointment from 2007 until 2017.

    Gordon Keller, PhD

    Director, McEwen Stem Cell Institute

    Dr. G. Keller earned his PhD in Immunology at the University of Alberta in 1979 and completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto in 1983. Following post doctoral studies, he became a Member of the Basel Institute for Immunology in Switzerland where he worked for five years, then moved to Vienna Austria where he accepted a post of Visiting Scientist at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology.

    In 1990, Dr. Keller moved to the United States, working at the National Jewish Centre for Immunology & Respiratory Medicine in Denver, CO. From 1999-2006 he worked as a Professor in the Department of Gene and Cell Medicine at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. There, he was appointed the Director of the Black Family Stem Cell Institute in 2005.

    In 2007, Dr. Keller returned to Canada to accept the position of Director, McEwen Stem Cell Institute at the University Health Network in Toronto. He is best known for his research in lineage specific differentiation of mouse and human embryonic stem cells.

    Brad Wouters, DEng, PhD

    EVP Science & Research and Interim Director, TECHNA Institute

    Dr. B. Wouters is an internationally recognized leader and cancer researcher. He became Executive Vice President of Science and Research at UHN in 2016 and prior to that served as the Interim Director of Research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. He joined UHN in 2008 as Senior Scientist and Director of the Princess Margaret Hypoxia Program, and holds faculty appointments at the University of Toronto in the Department of Medical Biophysics and the Department of Radiation Oncology. Prior to joining UHN, Dr. Wouters was Professor and Head of Experimental Radiation Oncology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

    As EVP of Science and Research, Dr. Wouters is focused on creating an environment that incentivizes, facilitates, and rewards excellence in basic, translational, and clinical research across all elements of UHN.

    Brian Hodges, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Senior Director, Research Institute, Health Care Education

    Dr. B. Hodges is the Executive-Vice President of Education at UHN (for Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret, Toronto Rehab Hospitals and the Michener Institute).

    He is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto, and he holds the Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research at the Wilson Centre.

    Dr. Hodges is a practicing psychiatrist and teacher. His research focuses on assessment, competence, compassion and the future of the health professions.​

    UHN houses a multidisciplinary team that carries out a wide variety of consultancy services, including project managers able to comprehensively assess the viability of medical technologies in medium & large healthcare settings.

    Similarly, through our advisory services UHN offers unparalleled expertise in operational oversight for clinical research, including clinical trials agreements, development of ethical and quality standards, policies, tools, and processes in complex research portfolios. Our unmatched offer in advisory services includes support on a wide array of scientific fields.

    UHN Solutions Advisory Services


    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Technology Peer Reviews

    Usability testing for medical environments.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Medical Technology Development

    Targeted solutions and market intelligence for new healthcare technology at any stage of development.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Health Technology Assessment Studies

    Multi-disciplinary, specialized, systematic evaluation of properties, effects, and social, economic, or ethical impacts of health technologies by health policy organizations (public health and government entities).

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Technology Mentorship

    Coaching in assembling effective
    inter-professional teams within healthcare/technology environments.

    Personalized mentorship in specialty area of choice.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Intellectual Property Strategies

    Product Strategies: Step-by-step direction on the process for the protection of medical IP, inventions, or products. This includes advisory services on the patent application process, filing patents, and copyrighting IP.

    Institution Strategies: IP policy development & oversight, and practical insights for the successful productization of medical IP.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Validation & Implementation of Tech in Hospitals

    Examination, assessment, and advice on the viability & implementation process for technology in a medium-to-large healthcare setting. This includes guidance on required infrastructure, technology best practices, technology solutions, procurement, contracting, privacy, and regulatory affairs.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Rehabilitation

    Advisory services to clinician investigators and health care professionals on injury & illness recovery, and age-related health conditions. Areas of research expertise include prevention, restoration of function, enhanced participation, and independent living.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Lab Space Planning & Design

    Services that assist clients in the design of laboratory space and/or in the development of safety solutions. These include customized inventory management, data collection, scientific asset management and relocation.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Research Operational Oversight

    Assistance for institutions to develop frameworks for quality in research, which include policies, processes, and standards. These ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, high data quality, and maintain integrity in clinical research.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Pre-Clinical Veterinary Models

    Veterinary consulting at any stage of animal research, including support for grant applications, model selection, anesthesia and analgesia, surgical intervention, imaging & other procedural techniques.

    UHN is also able to conduct on-site vivarium operational reviews to enhance your animal care standards & discover operational efficiencies.

    UHN Research Solutions - Advisory Services - Bio-Banking Services

    Consultancy services to healthcare and research institutions in relation to the management of biobanks. UHN assists clients in the creation and implementation of business plans in biobanking and in the development of models for the facilitation of their preparation, thus contributing to recognition of the importance of efficient management of biobanking resources.

    As part of our 2019-2023 Research Strategic Plan, UHN is committed to aligning resources across our hospitals and research institutes to enable offering to clients an extensive range of core research facilities to support basic science research.

    Through these efforts, UHN provides state-of-the-art equipment, along with techniques, training, and customized management of projects that meet the demands of any research team within the academic or industry sectors. We offer cutting edge technologies, high end instrumentation, and technical support and expertise in specialized equipment processes.

    UHN Solutions Managed Services


    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Advanced Optical Microscopy

    Advanced optical microscopy laboratory with over 40 specialized instruments. UHN personnel assists clients with full-service image capture & analysis, training, scanning, image processing, and quantification.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - KITE Institute - Simulated Environment Usability Testing Core

    State-of-the-art simulator technologies that help to advance research in rehabilitation from injury & illness. UHN’s simulated environments can recreate custom climate or terrain conditions for product and/or user experience & usability testing.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Radio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Core

    UHN provides managed development, assessment, and production of
    radio-pharmaceuticals (radioactive tracers in medical imaging) for use in diagnostic & therapeutic nuclear medicine.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Genomics Sequencing

    Full-spectrum genomics platform, our services include next-generation deep
    and single cell sequencing, Illumina arrays, Luminex, NanoString technology, and the bioinformatics know-how for translational data decoding.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Advanced Imaging

    The Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine (QIPCM) team provides end-to-end de-identification, data transfer, testing & analysis support for multi-centre clinical trials.

    Clients can expect improved consistency & reliability in clinical trial imaging data. QIPCM also offers a sandbox inclusive of storage and compute power to test imaging AI solutions.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Pre-Clinical Molecular Imaging

    Fully-managed radioactive imaging (including cell culture & molecular biology) for cellular studies (DNA & proteins), multi-modal imaging of pre-clinical models, and correlative pathology.

    Assistance with design, development, imaging, visualization analysis, and targeted radiation therapy is available.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Pre-Clinical Veterinary Core

    UHN offers a suite of veterinary services to support laboratories & research teams using animal models for biomedical research.

    Services include multi-species study models, study planning & development assistance, on-site animal care & husbandry for multiple species, from rodents to large animal translational models, and we accommodate for a study’s specific requirements in housing, breeding, genotyping, and/or phenotyping protocols.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Bio-Banking Services

    UHN hosts a large and diverse network of patient sample banks. We support research by providing high quality, well-annotated solid tissues & biofluids from patients with cancer and other diseases. Services offered include tissue micro-array construction, laser capture micro-dissection, and establishment of ‘Living’ models of patient-derived xenografts & organoids.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Clinical Trials Services - Ozmosis

    Specialized full-service clinical trails management. These services meet the demands of today’s complex drug development process of both industry and academic institutions.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - QCIP - Conduct of Research Involving Humans

    Case-based training program targeted to new Principal Investigators, Clinical
    Research Fellows, and Clinical Fellows on Good Clinical Practice principles.

    UHN Research Solutions - Managed Services - UHN Core - Cell & Vector Manufacturing Core - CCVP

    Manufacturing services in our pristine GMP facility that produces clinical-grade cells & viral vectors for Phase 1 & Phase 2 clinical trials in cell and gene therapies.

    This suite of services includes release of cell & viral vector materials, QC testing, cell bank creation, assay development, technology transfer, staff training for clean-room environments, cryopreservation, and audit support.