UHN Launches Behind the Breakthrough Podcast

    UHN Launches Behind the Breakthrough Podcast

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    UHN is excited to launch a new podcast series called “Behind the Breakthrough“. Featuring interviews with scientists from across UHN, the podcast reveals the motivation behind their pursuit of answers to important questions—what is the cure for Alzheimer disease? How can we help prevent the elderly from falling? Will stem cells regenerate damaged hearts? How does cancer start?

    Episodes present intimate, one-on-one conversations with UHN scientists about their pioneering work, with revealing, personal stories about how they got to where they are today and how they are contributing to UHN’s vision of creating A Healthier World.

    This week’s debut episode is the first of eleven in the series and features renowned cardiologist Dr. Heather Ross. During the episode, she talks about her groundbreaking work, which leverages artificial intelligence to help patients with heart disease; how she handles failure—especially after two rejections from medical school; and how a brush with death brought her closer to her patients than ever before.

    Click here to listen and subscribe to the podcast. New episodes will be released every Tuesday from now until December 17, 2019.